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Re: [TowerTalk] Frestanding Dipole Support - inexpensive

To: David Gilbert <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Frestanding Dipole Support - inexpensive
From: EZ Rhino <>
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2011 18:05:56 -0700
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Okay, in a meager effort to answer the original question, here is an example of 
a fairly cheap and easy support.

(Took me a while to find it).

Here's one more, out of irrigation pipe.


On Dec 12, 2011, at 16:50 , David Gilbert wrote:

I emphatically second that suggestion.  A few years ago Bob, K7ZB, and I 
operated two consecutive CQ160m CW contests from a cabin in the 
Ponderosa Pine country of Arizona using that exact same configuration, 
except that we had some tall trees to work with.  We didn't have enough 
height to pull the vertical section straight up, but we didn't have to 
bend it over into a U-shape either.  Try to keep the lower portion in 
the clear ... that's where most of the current is.  In this case, I 
would suggest pulling the vertical wire up as high as possible in the 40 
foot tree and then run the rest of it down to whatever point you can the 
furthest away.  Try to make it look as much like an Inverted-L as 
possible even if "L" represents a wild stretch of the imagination.  Our 
two radials were positioned high enough off the ground that people could 
walk under them.

In spite of horrible man-made QRN at that location, the first year we 
used this antenna we snagged contacts with all 50 U.S. states during the 
contest weekend twice over except for two states that we only worked 
once.  The second year we put all states into the log except Alaska, 
which we never heard.  Operating power was about 300 watts.  We only 
worked a few Caribbean DX stations, but the QRN there was so high we 
wouldn't have heard anything else anyway.  In retrospect, we should have 
laid out a couple of BOGs for receive.

I don't think there is any reason not to try this configuration if you 
are looking for something simple and inexpensive.  I strongly believe 
that  it will outperform a low dipole for 160M.  A low dipole will only 
get you a few surrounding states and will have lots of trouble for the 
whole U.S.

Dave   AB7E

On 12/12/2011 4:21 PM, Chet wrote:
> Scotty,
> The post  that appears immediately below, is one sent by K3LR a few years
> back.  This should work for you too. I have to believe it would be a lot
> better than a low dipole.  I am sure that the K3LR version came with the
> "talent package", your mileage may vary.
> 73
> Chet N4FX
> Hello Bill!
> I posted this to the reflector last December.
> It is a simple, easy and very effective antenna for 160 meters.
> Several operators have emailed me after building the antenna and they are
> having great results as well.
> 73!
> Tim K3LR
> For the ARRL 160 contest a few weekends ago, I needed a quick and easy way
> to get on TopBand from my Oklahoma QTH.
> I am in a very antenna restricted area and my back yard is only 50 ft deep.
> I purchased 450 ft of #16 insulated THHN  wire (about $45.00). I cut three
> 132 ft lengths. I soldered one length on the center of a SO239 chassis mount
> (UHF
> female) connector. The other end of this wire I curled around for a string.
> The other two 132 ft pcs I soldered to the SO-239's outside (using 2 holes)
> points for radials.
> With a fishing pole I casted up over the back yard tree that stands about 50
> ft tall. I proceeded to pull the curled end with string over the tree. I
> pulled the first 20 feet of the antenna (coming from the SO239) vertical
> with another string to the chimney of the house. The two radials were pulled
> out away from the feed point. The antenna went on top of the tree and down
> the other side forming a upside-down "U".
> I hooked about 40 feet of RG8X to the feedpoint (also a 4 ft ground rod)
> coiling about 20 ft in a 1 ft diameter bunch to form a current choke at the
> base.
> Inside I hooked up the Icom IC765 and the VSWR was 1.1:1 at 1830 without
> trimming.
> The antenna worked great! With a part-time 100 watt effort I worked 46
> states and 7 DXCC countries. Not bad for a simple 160 meter antenna.
> 73!
> Tim K3LR

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