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[TowerTalk] Lithium-Ion battery pack clearance sale

Subject: [TowerTalk] Lithium-Ion battery pack clearance sale
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Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2011 23:38:17 GMT
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Our Sears Hardware has a clearance sale on 16v Lithium-Ion battery packs for
$9.97 part: 320.11208.  It was designed to power an electric drill.

Today was also (unadvertised) "Seniors {60+} 10% off" day.

Getting the case open requires the use of a T-10 security tool which has a 
little dimple in the end to fit over a protrusion in the screwhead.  The 
security bit adaptor kit sold by Harbor Freight won't reach in far enough to 
engage the screwheads unless modifications are made to the case.  If you have a 
light touch with a hacksaw or razor saw, you can take about a 1/8" slice off 
the bottom and open up the holes where the screws go with about a 5/16" drill 
bit.  Then the CRV-T-10 adaptor will reach the screwhead.

When opened up, things will go flying but what is left is a bank of 4 battery 
units in series and a PC board mounted above.  On my sample, the battery units 
were marked SANYO.  The battery cylinders are about .72 inches in diameter and 
about 2.75" long. 
I'd be grateful for estimates on the AH capacity of these batteries.
A ribbon cable leads to a separate PC board with 4 tiny LEDs and a tiny 
push-to-test switch.

The included instructions mentioned all manner of benefits including 
protections against overcharging, overheating and that the little LED readout 
would report battery state-of-charge condition.  

The battery pack has 3 terminals:  +  - and T.  I was able to get the pack to 
accept a charge between + and - but have no idea what "T" does.  Perhaps it is 
a communication link to the charger.  I'm using a lab supply at about 200ma.

Hope to use this pair of packs (modified, of course..HI!) to power my QRP
rig and would be grateful for any advice regarding the care and feeding of
Lithium-Ion batteries.  Also any websites, tutorials, etc.

I'd also be grateful if this note was cross-posted on the QRP forum.  (Lost 
their address when my old computer packed it in...HI!)


Tim Colbert  K3HX

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