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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Rotatorplate
From: Ian White GM3SEK <>
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Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2011 08:44:36 +0000
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K8RI wrote:
>The newer models are DC powered, the motor is mounted horizontally, and 
>they have a shield over the top seal.
>With the older models the top seal is recessed about 10 mm leaving a 
>recess in which water can collect, or rather be trapped and corrode the 
>output shaft. This in turn causes the top seal to fail, followed by the 
>top bearing.  I have not had a chance to examine one of the newer 
>models to see the construction and implementation of the top seal.
>I'm planning on, or hoping to build a motorized, crank up, tilt over, 
>heavy duty tower this winter

Watch out for PST rotators in a tilt-over tower, because the water 
shield over the top seal is only fully effective while the tower is 
upright. If the tower is routinely tilted over for storms, it is 
advisable to protect the rotator from driving rain.


73 from Ian GM3SEK

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