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>HI Rob and all,

>FYI the Rohn HBX towers are assembled with aluminum rivets.  If you have one 
>regalvanized the rivets will melt and you will have a bunch of loose pieces.  
>(so I am told)

Maybe.  Zinc melts at about 787F and hot dip galvanizing baths are around 850F. 
Aluminum melts at 1200F, though I am sure that if the rivets are heat treated 
it's possible they would lose some strength properties at galvanizing 

I don't know about the HBX, but most Rohn tower sections aren't so expensive 
that regalvanizing, IMO, makes much economic sense even if you value your time 
at nothing.  I certainly wouldn't hot dip anything that's assembled with 
fasteners (no matter what the material) without removing them first and 
replacing them after.

Put another way, if the structure pieces are so badly worn as to require 
regalvanizing, should't they be replaced?



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