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I really think you get what you pay for and items made is China the  quality
is a roll  of the dice. I just brought a new Miller Dnyasty Tig welder and
when I compared the price of a China copy of it with all the options was
only 20% different for an item made in America by American's and 3 year
warranty to boot. You want to trust your expensive tower and antenna's to a
junk Winch with questionably parts and quality and personal injury  if it
failed.  I have a Thern on my small US HDX 555 tower  and it driven by a
drill motor to rotate to upright. I give this a lot of thought. I have a
brand new marine Thern DC777 winch (the color of the paint)  for sale and
anyone interested it new and priced a third of a store brought one. You can
raise and lower your tower without worry. Contact me off list for further
details . 73 Gene K2QWD


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   I got some titanium coated drill bits once and was drilling a small hole
in aluminum.

It suddenly stopped drilling and I stopped the drill.

   It did not break but instead it bent at a right angle.

Gee, a drill bit should not do that!!! It should have snapped into before
bending that far.

   Another situation was with a copies of a Whitney Deep Throat punch.

I ordered them and it took nearly 2 years to get them. They said they had a
quality problem. When I received them there were two problems.

One was 1 inch thread in the bottom part was almost the right pitch.

I tried a Whitney die in it and  it almost screwed in all the way but not

It was neither metric or English. The other problem was that apparently the
punch side was off center and they did not correct the problem but made new
dies with the holes off center. So you have to rotate the dies so they match
up with the punch, but for a 1/10 the price of a Whitney set and it coming
from China, well, what do you expect. I am sure they are not rated for 1.2
tons either.


Bill wa4lav



>Has anyone used the Harbor Freight winches? They have a 2000 lb 

>electric that is priced nicely at the moment on sale.



>Mike, k5wmg





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