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[TowerTalk] "Made in USA" Was: TowerTalk Digest, Vol 108, Issue 71

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Subject: [TowerTalk] "Made in USA" Was: TowerTalk Digest, Vol 108, Issue 71
From: Alan NV8A <>
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2011 11:15:41 -0500
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I forget now what electronic device it was, but one device I opened up 
was marked "Made in USA" on the outside while the only thing in the case 
was a PC board marked "Made in China." Was only the case made in the 
USA? Was final assembly (does that mean "made"?) in the USA? Was only 
the board itself made in China, but it was populated and mounted in the 
case in the USA? What do the markings mean any more?

As for postage/shipping charges. Compare the wages of a USPS employee 
with those of a Chinese postal worker. And US companies often charge way 
over the actual shipping cost: a few years back we ordered a replacement 
part for a small appliance; the S&H charge was $6 or $7 but it came by 
US Mail in a padded envelope with a stamp for little more than 50 cents.


Alan NV8A

On 12/21/11 09:47 am, Bill Fuqua wrote:
>    The problems still exist. How many parts in American Made items are
> made in China. Even the Department of Defense is having problems with
> poor quality or counterfeit parts in many complex defense systems.
>     When the IBM PC came out and the box was labeled "Made in America"
> all the internal parts were made in Mexico, Taiwan, Philippines, etc.
>     I had ordered a repeater from an American Company and delivery was
> delayed because they were waiting for the front panels in China to
> arrive. These were custom made panels but it is cheaper to submit
> a drawing to a Chinese company and have them delivered to your door
> step than to have them custom made here in the USA. Naturally he
> had to deal with there being a problem with the first batch.
>     It is just crazy, I can order bag of assorted resistors on EBAY from
> China  for
> $1.99 with free shipping but can't send a small package across the state of
> Kentucky for the same price.
> 73
> Bill wa4lav
> At 01:11 AM 12/21/2011 -0500, you wrote:
>> Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2011 21:57:52 -0500
>> From: "Eugene Jensen"<>
>> Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Harbor Freight Winch
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>> I really think you get what you pay for and items made is China the  quality
>> is a roll  of the dice. I just brought a new Miller Dnyasty Tig welder and
>> when I compared the price of a China copy of it with all the options was
>> only 20% different for an item made in America by American's and 3 year
>> warranty to boot. You want to trust your expensive tower and antenna's to a
>> junk Winch with questionably parts and quality and personal injury  if it
>> failed.  I have a Thern on my small US HDX 555 tower  and it driven by a
>> drill motor to rotate to upright. I give this a lot of thought. I have a
>> brand new marine Thern DC777 winch (the color of the paint)  for sale and
>> anyone interested it new and priced a third of a store brought one. You can
>> raise and lower your tower without worry. Contact me off list for further
>> details . 73 Gene K2QWD

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