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[TowerTalk] US Tower HDX-589HD? Now 689

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Subject: [TowerTalk] US Tower HDX-589HD? Now 689
From: "Jim Thomson" <>
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2011 21:25:14 -0800
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Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2011 17:17:38 -0800
From: "Rich Hallman - N7TR" <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] US Tower HDX-589HD? Now 689

Just re-measured the tower....

37in on the bottom and 18 in top section.  Looks to be an HDX-689.  The
base plate was not a standard T-Plate either...but a large full plate
with 4 bolt holes per leg.

Explains why I had such a problem getting it off the truck with my
tractor when my other 589 came off no problem.

Re-cabling the tower, then up it goes when the weather is warmer with a
M2 4 El 40 Meter beam.


##  That is a HDX-689.  I have one as well.  BTW, that base plate is a whopping 
560 lbs. 
##  They made 2 x versions of the 689.  Mine is the original, and uses 'Z' 
bracing  from top
to bottom of all 5 x sections.  On the bottom 4-5' of each section...and also 
the top 4-5' of each section,
it's also an 'X'.    The bottom 7' of each section on mine has a tube slid into 
it, and welded into place,
so the wall thickness is massive.   The new version of a 689 weighs 3250 lbs.  
The truck driver put his
scale on mine, when unloading, and it was dead on 5000 lbs ! 

## either way, you have the... 'real deal'.  They rate the 689 at 75 sq ft @ 50 
mph...and 50 sq ft  @ 70 mph. 
My base plate takes  1.125" anchor rods.   I bought  12  x 60" long anchor rods 
 from Portland bolt. [105 ksi
variety, they are colour coded..and red = 105 ksi].   I had then cut  6" 
threads on each end of all 12 x rods. 
To increase the up lift capacity, I had the local metal shop cut 3 x plates.   
Each plate is  9" square x 3/8" thick.
each plate has 4 x 1.25"  holes punched into it, with [ i think]  5.25" C to C 
spacing].  I used the heavy duty
nuts,[slightly bigger] and hardened flat washers.   The 3 x plates, of course, 
are embedded  deep into the
concrete.   The crane lifted that 560lb base plate 6' above the lawn, while i 
got up on a sawhorse..and
cranked the nuts on with the impact wrench.  [ the 24 x nuts  for the 3 x 
plates  were installed the day b4]
The entire mess [ base plate + 12 x anchor rods + 3 x plates]  was lowered into 
the hole..and resting on
2 x 10' long  x  rectangular tubes.   rect tubes are 6" wide x 2" tall  [ 1/4" 
wall thickness].    The rect tubes
are wrapped in plastic and taped beforehand.   The perimeter of the hole was 
lined  with 4x4's...and 
leveled beforehand. 

## Of course, the cage was installed 2 x weeks  before. After we were satisfied 
the base plate was where we wanted it,
crane slings were removed.   A few days later, the 2 x cement trucks showed 
up,+ a line pump.   A month later
the base plate is elevated easily, via cranking on just one nut per corner.  
Then the 2 x rectangular tubes are slid out.
Base plate is then leveled, with digital levels.   I have loads of pix of all 
this if you want them. 

later...... Jim   VE7RF


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