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Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2011 03:37:27 +0000 (GMT+00:00)
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One of our local radio clubs has built some of the compressed air/tennis ball 
launchers to sell at ham swap meets over the last year or so, as a club 
fundraiser. They've been well received - I bought one, and am planning to try 
it out, launching a line over some of my tall fir trees. 

Does anyone have any recommended brand-names for the "braided kevlar/spectra 
fishing line" to use with one of these launchers?



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>a well designed antenna launcher is great. A bad one is frustrating 
>(intermittent, non-consistent launch).
>There's a huge difference between a home brewed one, and one from a purchased 
>kit that has seen experimental testing and development.
>(unless you just copy an existing good design)
>I'm not kidding: I've done both. The valve mechanism is critical, as well as 
>sizing of the reserve and barrel.
>I just use spinning reel with half a fishing pole, held by someone else, for 
>line. (make sure spinning reel is big enough for the amount of line..small 
>common today)
>But the biggest thing nowadays, is to use braided kevlar/spectra fishing line 
>for the launch, not monofilament.
>Gives better height, and is SO much easier to deal with. It's worth the cost, 
>definitely. There's a number of different brands.
>also, for equivalent diameter to monofilament, it's much stronger. The woven 
>line doesn't tangle like mono.
>I can get +-8 feet sideways accuracy at the top of 125' trees, with a vertical 
>enough launch so it doesn't hang up in other trees.
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