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[TowerTalk] G-1000DXA failure with lower mast clamp

Subject: [TowerTalk] G-1000DXA failure with lower mast clamp
From: Barry N1EU <>
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2011 14:16:33 +0000
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My G-1000DXA rotor came completely unhinged from its GC-038 lower mast
clamp and left my 3-el Steppir and attached rotor dangling from the
attached cables.  It appears that the attachment bolts on the bottom
of the rotor came loose and fell out.  Please see photo at

The cast aluminum fractured at one of the four threaded holes on the
rotor bottom.  At first I thought this might be the cause of failure
but on further thought, I would guess that the other 3 bolts came
loose and fell away and this fourth bolt was the last to stay attached
and this caused the aluminum fracture.  Any comments on whether this
seems correct?

I'd also appreciate comments on why this happened in the first place
and how to prevent a repeat.  The rotor was assembled to factory
instructions with lock washers.  Instead of using anti-seize on those
four bolts, perhaps what is really needed is loctite?

Does the motor casing need replacement and if so, is this a fairly
easy job to do myself?  There's still about half the threads on the
one hole that suffered the fracture.

Thanks & Happy Holidays,
Barry N1EU

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