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[TowerTalk] trees and verticals

Subject: [TowerTalk] trees and verticals
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2011 15:53:20 +0000 (GMT)
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My FYI tale of vertically polarized antennas and trees.

I have always lived in very heavily wooded areas and have always used 
polarized antennas on the top of crankup towers.  They clear the tops of "most" 
the trees, but not all.  They work REALLY WELL (I have an outstanding QTH) for 

Wanting to "save rotor time," while contesting (with my 402CD), I put up a GP 
vertical).  It hangs from a tree.  It is "full size" and has full sized 
elevated radials.  My hope
was that it would be louder than my 2L 40 when the 40 was pointed at EU (50 
from NNJ) when I heard a new mult from the south (zone 8, 9, etc).  The "base" 
of the GP
is about 20 feet above ground (and so are the radials, but they slope down 
somewhat).  It
was to be my "multiplier" antenna.

That was not the case.  The elevated vertical (GP) is always "weak" compared to 
the 2L
40, even when the yagi is pointed at EUR and I'm comparing to the South.  
The 40m yagi is at about 80 feet.

Now, I would expect the yagi to be louder to EUR as compared to the GP, but not 
to CA/SA, which, at best, is off the back corner of the beam when beaming EUR.

The GP vertical element is supported by the trunk of the tree, so it is "right 
next to" the 
tree trunk.

I also took my 1/2 dipole on 160m and made it into an inverted L, using a 
different tree.
It is probably 100 feet straight up before the "bend" starts.
Again, the vertical portion (wire) is right alongside the tree truck.  The 
results suck.

Nobody can near me.  I mean NOBODY.  In the CQWW, I worked a handful of 
VE, W, zones 4 and 5.  Big deal.  I was hoping for a lot more.  The very low 
160 dipole, 
which was had the apex at 45 feet and the ends about 6 feet off the deck, 
WAY better.

I am bummed on both accounts.

In case you don't know, I run QRP (5 watts).

de Doug KR2Q

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