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Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2011 14:24:08 -0800
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Had one here and it worked good.  It was written up in QST or CQ some years 

Had 4 55 foot wires going up the tree, connected to a ring at the bottom and 
the top, then threw out a 65 foot piece from each one at the top.

Connected the bottom end of the 65 foot piece to a ring around the bottom of 
the tree.  Then pulled the slack out of the 65 foot pieces and tied them off 
to something.  Laid some wires in the top of the tree for a top hat. 
Connected it to my radial system of about 1/2 mile of wires.

Didn't model it or anything, just put it up and worked some 80 meter DX.

Modeling probably would say don't bother putting it up as it won't work :-)

It was a fun antenna till the wind blew the tree down.  73

What happens if you make the vertical as a cage of vertical wires around the 
tree ? Joined at the top and joined and fed at the bottom. The tree is in 
the center of the cage.

Cage wire antennas seem to have a broad bandwidth. But what happens to the 
tree losses when the tree is caged ?

Best Regards
Dan Schaaf


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