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[TowerTalk] vertical antennas and trees

Subject: [TowerTalk] vertical antennas and trees
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2011 22:40:32 +0000 (GMT)
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Wow...I never would have believed that so much could be generated from a simple 
post.  :-)

First, I would like to remind some of the readers that in MY situation, the 
vertical (wire)
element is very, very close to the tree trunk.  At most, it is 6 inches away.  
Near the top and
bottom, probably more like 1 or 2 inches.  FYI...for me (non engineer) this is 
a LOT different than
"replacing" an aluminum reflector with a "branch" reflector.  Considering the 
ratio of 
diameters and mass (# 14 wire to 12" to 18" dia tree trunk), things are "very 
different" than 
some of the suggested scenarios.

Second.  Considering the inverse square law, I will attempt to duplicate the GP 
I have up
now on 40m, which is "right next to the tree trunk" with a 2nd GP which is in 
the middle of my 
backyard (away from trees by at least 20 feet in all directions).  In my 
"simple approach,"
if there is a noticeable difference A/B, then "extreme proximity to the tree" 
is likely a 
major factor.

One concern I have is the impact of the already existing GP on the "new one."  
suggestions on "how far apart" I should keep them in order to minimize possible 
interaction?  I don't have a big yard in terms of "area without trees," so I'll 
do the best
that I can.  It is likely that the elevated radials will have to overlap (but 
not touch).

I think this will be a fun (and hopefully informative) study.

RSVP with any suggestions, comments, critiques, or whatever.  

de Doug KR2Q

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