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Subject: [TowerTalk] Inv L inTree
From: "Michael Kincaid" <>
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2011 06:17:43 -0600
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Since my only means to support my antennas are trees I appreciate all the
info being provided. My inverted L is in an old oak tree but the branches
keep it away from the trunk. So the 40' vertical portion starts at 10' up
the trunk of the tree and 15' away from the trunk. At 40' high the wire is
within 3' of the tree top (branch). Looks like the wood portion of a bow
(and arrow) . 88' of Horizontal wire is clear of other trees by 20' and is
about 40' above ground. Now that the leaves are gone I thought about
climbing the tree and installing the vertical wire inside a 40' fiberglass
pole and attaching the pole to the tree trunk about 30' above the ground.
This would give me almost 64' of vertical wire but it would be within 2 " of
tree trunk for at least 40'. I have 10 elevated radials at 8-10' above
ground. With my tuner the SWR is <2:1 for the whole 160M band. Am I about to
screw up a good working antenna just to gain vertical height? Your thoughts?

73, Mike (W7FKF)




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