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[TowerTalk] Question re. design example in Low Band DXing

Subject: [TowerTalk] Question re. design example in Low Band DXing
From: Stewart Rolfe <>
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2011 12:31:43 +0000 (GMT)
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This refers to the 2 element vertical array switching at Fig 11-45 in the 4th 
edition of LBD (Lewallen feed)

Using the software supplied with the book along with the data in Fig 11-14 
(Zarray = 17.7+j17.1) I'm failing to confirm the 50ohm matching L network (L2, 
C2). It appears to tell me L2 should be in the shunt position with C2 in series 
to L1. The broadside position matching network L3/C3, does check out ok using 
similar data from the corresponding theoretical diagrams, as do other later 
examples of 3 and 4 element arrays where the matching network is included in 
the schematic.

So I'm wondering if this may be a mistake and have been unable to find any 
posted errata. I want to build this for 40m and some reassurance that I haven't 
missed something obvious would be good..!

Thanks and happy new year.


Stewart Rolfe, GW0ETF


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