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Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2011 12:44:48 +0000
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When I first put it up it was really fun to be up my 150' tower and looking
horizontally into the cockpit of an A-10 circling the tower.  Now that they
retired those around here I only get an occasional C-130 tree topping over
the towers, usually after dark.  And a flight or two of fighters doing
ceremonial flyovers on memorial day, they must like my towers for a turn
marker or lining up with their target.  One day with a very low broken
ceiling I heard a small plane for a while, then it broke out of the clouds
about a mile away heading straight for my towers.... it abruptly pulled a
180 and went right back the way it came.

David Robbins K1TTT
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Since  moving in I've noticed a small private plane passing overhead fairly
low (I'd  say 100 feet or less) on a regular basis and landing nearby I had
the same unnerving experience out in KH6.  The local  pakalolo patrol
(Operation Greenpeace,  government anti-marijuana  helicopter) made several
flights around my 150 foot tower, hovering around 100  feet.  I thought for
sure he was going to hit the guy wires.  To the  north of the tower was a
huge tall grass area (not the pot kind) and I suppose  they thought it was a
good place to grow pot.  They routinely flew at  heights of 100 feet above
the terrain in the 600 foot gulch across the  street.  It was kinda weird to
see a helicopter below my Yagi on the top of  the tower.

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