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Re: [TowerTalk] trees and verticals

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] trees and verticals
From: Jim Brown <>
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2011 12:44:44 -0800
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On 12/29/2011 8:40 PM, David Jordan wrote:
> I've been lectured to that just putting up an antenna and trying it out is
> not a good practice... one should first read and learn learn learn.

You have not been lectured by me -- you posted a thoughtful analysis of 
your experience in your particular conditions, and you seem to have kept 
your mind open to learn new stuff. That's exactly how I started this 
thread several days ago, and I think those who have approached it from 
the same perspective have learned from it.  I have. And an important 
part of learning about this particular topic is understanding the 
difference between one set of conditions and those of others who make 
observations. Further, Jim Lux did some serious research that gave him 
some numbers to work with for might be going on in a tree, and a lot of 
trees, and built an NEC model using what he had learned.  His work 
appears to have answered one of the most important questions I asked in 
that initial post  -- does a single tree cause significant loss if the 
antenna is running right next to the trunk.

Another point.  The purpose of all of this exchange of experience in a 
thoughtful way, thinking and analysis, and studying the textbooks, is to 
give us more to go on when we're trying to figure out which kind of 
practical antenna is likely to work best for us (and even to provide 
more information for those textbooks).  I don't think that any 
thoughtful person would say that you should not use a vertical in a 
dense forest if that was all you could do, or if that was best that you 
could do..But it's certainly useful to know that it doesn't matter in a 
forest that's not very dense, that sticking it right next to the trunk 
of a big a tree should work fine, and that a good high horizontal dipole 
will work a lot better -- IF you can rig it.

73, Jim K9YC.

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