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Just FYI, here is tha standard way aircraft approach and depart an airport:

At an uncontrolled airport, this standard pattern is the way pilots (who may 
lack 2 way radio and have only an altimeter, compass and their eyes as 
navigation aids) avoid running into each other.


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To Jon W4ABC --

Actually I don't think they are using my house to line up the runway.  My house 
is closer to perpendicular to the runway than inline.   I saw the same plane 
land today (didn't look in time to see if it went over my house) and noticed 
that it continued east past the runway did a big turn and came around and 
landed heading roughly west.   Assume this is to take advantage of the wind?

My distance from the runway has come up in this thread.  Going from Google Maps 
my house is 5.5-km to the closet part of the runway approx.

I appreciate all the info and advice.  TowerTalk is a great crowdsourcing 


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