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Re: [TowerTalk] OK...What is it. Corrected

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] OK...What is it. Corrected
From: K8RI <>
Date: Sun, 08 Jan 2012 00:19:32 -0500
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On 1/8/2012 12:11 AM, K8RI wrote:
> I've come into possession of an old Ham series rotator. Which one I
> don't know.  Like most there is no ID on the control box. On the bottom
> of the rotator bell are the numbers 5-6004 which I think may be a date
> code...or maybe not.  The insides of the control box do not look like
> the ham M, but more like the Ham IV control box, but it does have the
> dual position cal pot of the Ham M.
> The big ring gear with the three extensions that engage the top bell and
> that has the protrusion that operates the stops is made of cast
> Aluminum.  I understand those are available in both Cast Aluminum and
> Stainless Steel...for a wee bit more money.
> The rotator has dual ball bearing races. The gears are about 1/8" thick
> spur gears. It appears to be heavier duty than anything before the Ham -
> M. So, I'm guessing Ham IV.  I seriously doubt it's a tail twister.  "My
> guess" is this is a Ham IV as the control box internals look quite
> different from the Ham M I had years ago, but there are at least 4
> versions of the Ham M so no guarantees.
> The thing had been "laying" outside for some time so it had lots of dirt
> inside. The bearings on the low side didn't look all that bad but were
> black with oxide. No pits but not shiny smooth so I replaced both sets
> of bearings.  Both sets with retainers were a total of $16 (+-/- change)
> from hi-gain.  The connections on the bottom were pretty much gone so I
> replaced them with the new gasketed pig tail and connector that I think
> is used on the tail twister.  Gears were as clean as if it had just come
> out of the box. No problems with the directional pot either. The "wedge
> brake" looks like new.
> The ball retainers have an open side so I found it rather obvious which
> side goes up or down.
Not sure how I managed to put this paragraph on the bottom instead of here.

IF I RECALL CORRECTLY (it's out in the shop and I'm in the house) the
bottom one has open side down and the top one is open side up, but I'll
try to remember to look next time I have it open...IF I have it open.

> Which ever version it appears to have had very little use.
> BTW I only dropped one of the balls during the entire dissassembly and
> reassembly.
> I did vary from the instructions a bit on the rebuild though.  As I did
> not want to end up chasing bearings and I have two tubs of White Lithium
> grease, I applied the stuff *liberally* to holed the bearings in the
> races during assembly.  Unlike regular grease I shouldn't have to worry
> about it melting in hot weather or turning solid in cold weather around
> here.  The most difficult part of the whole thing was wiring in that
> pigtail, but I got all connections right (the first time)<:-))
> Any thoughts on what I have?
> 73
> Roger (K8RI)
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