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Re: [TowerTalk] Fwd: How to get another 10' in height? Add a mast

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Fwd: How to get another 10' in height? Add a mast
From: K8RI <>
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2012 10:32:15 -0500
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On 1/13/2012 9:43 AM, Jim Thomson wrote:
> Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 07:45:02 -0500 (EST)
> From:
> Subject: [TowerTalk] Fwd: How to get another 10' in height? Add a mast
> or add an...
> You only have to climb a tower once to know that you want as little as
> possible "complications" once you are "up there". Also, it is not the top of
> the  tower that is exposed to stress, it's the bottom. The tower section
> "below" have  to take the mechanical stress from whatever is above. That's the
> reason you  design the tower from top-down.
> Design the tower for the height you need and don't plan to add anything
> later.
> Hans - N2JFS
> //  a buddy installed  190 feet of rohn 55 g... with 4 x sets of KX0G  rings. 
>   The entire
> tower rotates.   I discovered that Rohn makes these super heavy duty versions 
> of  45, 55, 65 G.
> They are not only Z braced, they are also X braced.

I believe they also make, or did make, solid leg versions. Now those are 


Roger (K8RI)
>    He used 3 of the super heavy duty sections
> for the top 3 x sections of the tower.   The very top guy ring was at 175 
> feet.  So he has 25`feet of
> unsupported tower above the top ring.  A 2-el 80m yagi is at the very top of 
> the tower.  4-el 40m yagi
> below that..and a 5-el 20m yagi below that..all  in that  25 foot unsupported 
> section .   Each of the
> heavy duty sections costs a bit more..and also weighs a bit more.  They are 
> VERY strong sections.
> One helluva lot stronger than a stock 45,55,65 section.  We also looked at 
> using 65G.  My problem with
> 65g was each step is 18 inchs...  vs  15 inchs on 45G, and 55G.   With 
> horizontal steps  being 18 inchs
> apart, that makes climbing tougher to say the least.   Once 55G  was decided 
> on, the next step was to
> figure out how much unsupported  tower can be above the top ring.  The 3 x 
> new guy anchors are out aprx
> 175`feet.  The  re-enforced X + Z braced stuff for the top 3 x sections  fit 
> the bill perfectly.   So far, so good.
> The same tower  supports 1 x  80m yagi,   2 x 40m yagi`s.... 3 x 20m yagi`s.. 
> and a single yagi for 17,15,12,10,6m.
> So  x 11 yagi`s in total.
> later.... Jim   VE7RF
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