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[TowerTalk] Old TMC Antenna Parts

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Old TMC Antenna Parts
From: John Hensley <>
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2012 18:31:14 +0000
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  I have the following components to an old TMC wire antenna system and would 
like   to sell them, preferably as a package.  But I will entertain separate 
needs and make   up a list if there is enough demand.  I am researching as I 
have time to put some   kind of value on them.  To a TMC enthusiast, it would 
seem they would be attractive.   Anyway, if you are interested, contact me and 
be patient.  I am on "digest mode" and    very busy right now.  My goal is to 
generate some gas funds for a hamfest trip or two   as well as to get the 
components where they might be useful and appreciated.  Some   pictures are 
available and will be sent if requested. 
  These parts were part of either two Rhombic antennas or one "V" shape 
antenna.  I can   send a sample sketch of what an antenna set up would have 
looked like.
  The question "how much" at this point is an open one.  I don't know yet what 
is reasonable  to ask.  The stuff might be worthless or it may be worth 
something.  Your own estimate  is welcome.  I do need two or three 7' Bud IEEE 
open frame relay racks and would  trade for same.
  One item below (the coax) is probably a pick up only.  All located in   Baton 
Rouge, Louisiana about 3 miles off the I-10 E/W Interstate. 
  Here is what I have:
 (2 ea) TRK-500 TMC Antenna Balun boxes with 50 ohm input/100-200-600 ohm 
output  (Each TRK-500 has a large RG-164 size female connector and the matching 
male connector is on it)  (The female plate could be changed and an N style put 
on it)  one is very nice, the other had a gasket breach and will need to be 
cleaned up; both need new   weather gaskets) 
 (1 ea) Spare balun for above TRK-500 
 (2 ea) TER-500 Antenna Dissipators (Terminal end; one used with Rhombic, two 
with "V" shape) 
 (2 ea) 40-50 foot (approx) lengths of Amphenol RG-164 coax, each with one 
connector on one end      (these could be spliced together using Scotchcast 
2130)  RG-164 has an HV rating of 10KV 
 (3 ea) 8' (eight foot) "Chance" fiberglass guy insulators; dowel pin knuckle 
on each end 
 (4 ea) 4' (fout foot) "Chance" fiberglass guy ends (unfortunately 2 long 8' 
units were cut in half)     (these could be used for the Rhombic side 
 (2 ea)  There are also two large roller inductors which I haven't figured out 
whether they went with    this material or not.  6 - 7" diameter, maybe 10 - 12 
turns; US Navy class inductor tuners.
  Again, some pictures are available on request (be patient).   Feel free to 
forward this email to any   other appropriate group.
 Thanks for the read,
 John W5JV

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