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Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 07:23:10 -0800
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I have the same problem only with mice.  They chew away insulation on the 
They can squeeze thru a very small opening.  I'm thinking of trying either the 
duct seal 
or the expandable foam for these critters.   Anyone had success with either of 
these for mice ?  


On Jan 15, 2012, at 11:25 PM, K8RI wrote:

> On 1/16/2012 12:53 AM, Eugene Jensen wrote:
>> Buy Duct Seal at your Home Depot in the Elect. Dept. It like clay and you
>> can dig it out of your conduct when you need add wire ect.  It comes in 1LBS
>> bricks. 73 Gene K2QWD
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>>> ALVIN!!!!
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>>> Chipmunks got into my conduit (3" PVC) between my shack and my tower
>>> and did a job on cable insulation. They shorted several wires in the
>>> SteppIR control cable (blowing driver chips in the controller) and
>>> even ate bits of the SHIELD from several places in several coax
>>> cables.  (There were different types of coax, and the chipmunks worked
>>> on all of them. No one type, such as the direct burial cables, was
>>> immune.)
>>> I am replacing the controller cable and the main coax to my beam. I
>>> cut out the bad parts of other coax and spliced them (using proper
>>> plugs and the short barrel connectors) -- these are for 80/40 antennas
>>> and now check OK when measured going to a dummy load.
>> Here the conduit ends in a large NEMA enclosure.  Photo 7 from the top and
>> the bottom 4 on the page
>>  There are no "open"
>> openings in the enclosure. They are either conduit, compression fittings, or
>> coax bulkhead connectors.  The old NEMA enclosure had a conduit stub, but
>> critters were getting in that and particularly in the winter when the snow
>> would reach or cover the opening of the stub. Of course in summer it was a
>> prime target for paper wasps.
>>> I'll do a better job of blocking the ends of the conduit.
>>> QUESTION: Will moth balls in the conduit help? Will they harm the coax
>>> outer cover?  (Unfortunately, the neighborhood cats are too well fed
>>> --- they usually just watch the chipmunks.)
>> My big ol' "used to be Tomcat" is way over fed on chipmunk steaks.  If they
>> move he's on 'em, but he ignores the results of mechanical disposal.  Those
>> critters are really destructive.  I had to start leaving the cat out longer
>> than I like, to get rid of them.  They actually dug down in front of the
>> egress window and into the weep tile.
>> They must have built an apartment complex down there.  It took over 1
>> 1/2 of those large cans of expandable foam (the stuff that gets rigid) to
>> fill the burrow.  We've had no problems with them since then. At least if
>> they made it to the sump in the basement they couldn't climb out of it.
>> Unfortunately they'll probably be back next spring.
> I prefer the rigid expandable foam. I think one brand is called "stuff". 
> Never use this "stuff" around doors and windows. When it expands it has 
> force behind it and can spring door and window frames causing them to 
> stick shut or preventing them from closing.
> It works great for plugging off the ends of conduit, just don't over do 
> it as you have to dig the stuff out to install or work on cables.
> 73
> Roger (K8RI)
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