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Re: [TowerTalk] Sealing coax connectors

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Sealing coax connectors
From: Steve Maki <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2012 02:51:36 -0500
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On 1/17/2012 9:37 PM, Jim Thomson wrote:
> Dow corning DC4/5 is silicone GREASE !   It's  NOT RTV glop.     The  dc4/5
> is formulated for electrical connections.
> The dc4/5   goes on the threads, the center pin.....and the mating female,
> that the pin goes into.  It's displaces moisture,
> and  stops  microscopic arcing inside the connectors, where you have tiny
> microscopic air gaps between the pin + female.
> Dc4/5 is typ 450-550 volts  per mil [ .001"]   Some of dow's tech notes list
> it as 1 kv per mil.   If the pin bears down hard
> on the sidewall of the female, it makes contact. On the other side, where  a
> tiny air gap results, the  dc4/5 fills the void.
> if the pin shifts about, the dc4/5  simply moves about as well, always
> filling the voids.   All the telco's  use it on 7-16
> din connectors.   Andrew  supplies it in a small container with their
> connector's.   Ken Hirshberg, at Cal-AV  labs suggested
> I use the dc4/5  on the 7-16 dins on his  baluns.  [ EB-3 variety].    You
> only apply a thin layer of it.  It's  good form -56 C
> to well over 200 deg C.   OK, once the dc4/5 is applied, and connector
> cranked tight, then use your favourite water proofing
> method.  BTW,  you can apply five times as much torque on any 7-16 din
> connector  vs  any Type N connector.  The 7-16
> Din comes with the silicone rubber O ring.  The inner spring collet [female]
> is the  RF braid connection..and not the outer shell.
> The inner spring collet + outer shell are  zero ohms between em though.
> later... Jim  VE7RF

The little tube of grease that was traditionally supplied with Andrew 
connectors was never recommended, at least in their printed 
instructions, to be applied to the *inside* of the connector in the 
manner that Stuf was typically used. That doesn't mean that it wouldn't 
work well that way but I've never seen any US based cell recommend it 

Andrew merely suggested using it on the 0-rings to facilitate the mating 
of the two parts without damaging the O-ring.

Current Andrew Positive Stop series connectors are not shipped with the 

-Steve K8LX

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