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Re: [TowerTalk] Swinging Gate Side Mount - Additional Turning Radius?

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Swinging Gate Side Mount - Additional Turning Radius?
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2012 19:19:07 -0500 (EST)
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Lots of experience in this.  My method was to make a scale drawing of  the 
antenna(s) on a piece of clear plastic (like a looseleaf sleeve) and then  
slide it around a scale drawing of the clearance of the guy station.   You'll 
find pretty much the optimum angle to swing the antenna is about 45  
degrees off the swing arms.  That will give you the most clearance if you  are 
really tight for clearance.  
Generally you'll find the normal turning radius is increased by  about 
three feet using a swing arm.  Of course the type of antenna, the leg  space of 
the tower and how far from you leg the rotor is located.
All my experience is from using my home made swing arms and  sidemounts.  
By the way I have some really nice sidemounts (galvanized) for  sale.  I 
don't need them anymore since I went to rotating  towers.
Good luck with the project.
In a message dated 1/29/2012 9:12:19 P.M. Greenwich Standard Time, writes:

I'm very  close to finishing up my 80' tower.  I'm going to install a 
swinging  gate side mount at the 40' level.  I'm looking at the IIX  unit.

Does anyone have enough experience with one (or another brand  side 
mount) to tell me how much the turning radius of the antenna is  
increased.  After looking at the IIX website I'm guessing it  increases 
by about 3 feet.

I've spaced my guy anchors out further,  by about 20', than the rohn 
spec's to be sure I have enough room to swing  the lower antenna below 
the upper guys.  Right now I plan on guying  at 40 and 70 feet.  If 
needed I can go 40 and 80 feet to ensure I  have the clearance needed.  I 
would prefer 40 and 70 so I don't have  to get another section of tower.


Rich -  N5ZC


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