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[TowerTalk] Tailtwister inside Rohn 25?

Subject: [TowerTalk] Tailtwister inside Rohn 25?
From: KA9S2 - Jeff <>
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2012 15:00:49 -0600
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I am contemplating putting a Tailtwister rotor (T2X) into my 70 foot 
Rohn 25 tower (well guyed). My primary question is will a Tailtwister 
fit or how do you make it fit in a Rohn 25 tower? I currently have a HAM 
IV rotor in the tower. I have a thrust bearing at the top of the tower 
that takes all the vertical weight of the antenna and mast. The rotor is 
placed at the tower section junction 10 feet down from the top. The 
rotor plate sits upside down and rests on the top horizontal rung of the 
60 foot tower section. I cut out one of the bottom horizontal rungs of 
the 70 foot tower section, threaded it and put long nuts onto each end. 
This allows me to remove the rung to fish the HAM IV out of the tower 
for repair but not loose the horizontal rung.

I can't find dimensional drawings of the Tailtwister on the web. I know 
the six "nubs" around the perimeter of the rotor bell that hold the 
upper and lower bell halves together make the Tailtwister much wider 
than the HAM IV. Do these "nubs" clear the tower legs? Do they hit the Z 
cross bracing? Is there some critical positioning needed for the "Nubs" 
to clear the Z cross bracing? Currently, my HAM IV is short enough that 
the widest point of the rotor bell is still below the first horizontal 
rung of the 70 toot section so there is no issue. I am not sure this 
will be the case with a Tailtwister. I assume the Tailtwister is taller 
than the HAM IV thus requiring the mast be raised by some amount. 
Without a dimensional drawing of the rotor, I can't work these questions 
out. The manual for the Tailtwister shows six bolt holes on the bottom 
though I don't see rotor plates with the six holes. Does the rotor use 
six bolts on the base?

Please help me out if you know.


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