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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Tower lawsuit
From: Kevin Normoyle <>
Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2012 11:31:27 -0800
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I looked up Drax's address and checked out the property and such using Google 

Seems like there are a lot of possibilities for solving everyone's issues.

Ignore all the papers. That's just for lawyers.

The real issue is Drax wants a tower, and the neighbors don't want to look at 

My recommendation would be for Drax to step back and think about the total cash 
that's going to be spent, and side effects in terms of neighbor relations, on 
any solution.

War doesn't really get anyone's goals met.

A 60' guyed tower doesn't have much money invested so far, in the scheme of 

Go talk to the neighbors and find out what there concerns are. Propose taking 
down the tower, cutting down some trees in the back and moving the tower back 
far as possible. You could probably get away with making it higher then.

You might also have permit issues.

I can't see how Drax is going to "win" here, by gearing up for a fight.
Accept the losses on the tower construction to date. Talk to the neighbors, and 
start over.

I'm sure if you go to them and say "Okay I'm willing to spend money to make 
right. Can you help me out and let me put up a tower somewhere on my property?, 
that compromises are possible.'



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