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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Climbing Gear
From: "Mike N1TA" <>
Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2012 14:47:10 -0700
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I have a pair of stiff trekking boots with steel rods in the sole. They
allow the boot to flex, but keep it stiff enough to stand on a tower
rung for a while. They also have deep tread and a heel notch, which
makes it nice for standing on lattice tower. I do own a shop that sells
these boots, and this would be a shameless plug, except that we're
currently sold out (figures, right). I prefer Scarpa - I think they hold
up better than most of the contemporary brands and the price isn't bad,
but we've also had good luck with Merrill. A higher boot is probably
preferable for support, plus it saves your lower shin and ankle from
abusive crossbars.

So, my suggestion would be a trekking boot (since it is stiffer than a
standard day hiking boot and usually has a leather upper), in a higher
length, with an aggressive tread. Most anything in this class will have
the toe and heel lip (for crampons), which I sort of like for working up
around the mast when its comfortable to wrap a leg around the top tower

Good luck!

Mike N1TA

>Steve, I know you have seen lots of posts on TT about climbing belts and 
>safety harnesses. I have not seen anything about BOOTS or work shoes of any 
>kind. I used to have some boots that I would wear during long outings up a 
>tower. But they're shot.  What have you or the others found to be 
>comfortable when standing on or working up the tower?
>- Mike 


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