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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Pull Down Cable Issues
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Never happened to me hi hi.

Looks like you have thought of everything through okay, and yes use another 
person to tightly wind the cable on the drum.

I use three clamps at the bottom of my cable after the turnbuckle, remember 
that the spring should be completely compressed (maximum tension) when in the 
relaxed position when you put the clamps back on.

Mike, K6BR

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Pull Down Cable Issues

While walking the dogs in the back yard this afternoon I noticed a pile of 
cable inside the base of my LM-470D tower. The pull down cable which terminates 
in a turnbuckle at the bottom of the top section of tower has worked itself 
loose and came all the way down. What I am thinking about in fixing what has 
happened is this: I wait for a time with absolutely no breeze. Slowly lower the 
tower as I normally would do. It is simply resting on the raising cable so 
gravity should do it�s thing and cause it to slide down as it normally would. 
My question is this. Shouldn't I have someone with me to make sure the now 
piled up lowering cable gets wound up on the drum as it normally would do? 
Anything I am overlooking?

Surely I am not the first one this has happened to? I also know now to wire the 
turnbuckle to insure it doesn�t happen again. I just want to be certain there 
isn�t something I am overlooking before I do it.

Thanks in advance

Bill AD8P


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