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Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2012 16:44:19 -0800
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Hi .. back in the 70s, (1976?) I purchased all rights to, (including the 
patent for the key) and hardware related to, the W8FYO CW paddles from HAL. 
HAL, noted for their RTTY equipment, retailed the key and as a "step-up" you 
could get the deluxe version that included a on the base for sending simple 
messages. You had to have a burner for the chip, or order them from HAL. 
Somewhere, I still have the original that was butchered up to change to 
magnets, instead of springs.  Three of us -WB6NHF - (myself, soon to become 
AA6DX), WB6SXJ [SK], and WB6MYF  formed the company HAMCO,  and we were off 
and running.  With Rich Sweet, WB6MYF doing most (read, "all") of the 
engineering, the HAMCO had been re-designed, using a brass & wood base and 
magnet (THE SCOTIA), and an upgrade (THE CARSON), with keying done by a 
Curtis chip in the wooden base and a speed control built a hollow in the 
wood side.  About that time, Bencher came on the scene with their version of 
the spring return keying, and it looked different than the W8FYO/HAL device 
but was in fact the same as the original design. As I had purchased the 
patent rights, I wanted to stop their production, so I hired a patent 
attorney ... our friend and fellow DXer-Contester, Rusty Epps .. W6OAT! 
After duly researching the situation, it was decided not to pursue the 
expense of the battle, as the HAMCO key had changed so much, and was doing 
I remember that there was, back even further in ham history, antenna patent 
rights with the spiral yagis, etc... And, are there not patents on tower 
features .. fold-over, bracing, etc. ???
So -- point being .. should get Rusty in the mix!
73  Mark  AA6DX


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