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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] TowerTalk Digest, Vol 110, Issue 42
From: EZ Rhino <>
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2012 17:11:21 -0700
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I just replaced the feedline on my T6 from the feed point to the top of the 
tower (water ingress, similar high SWR).  I would start by looking at the feed 
point and how the coax was weatherproofed.  Also do what Steve sez, put an ant. 
analyzer on at that point and then go backwards.  Also you can use a dummy load 
on the coax (once separated from the antenna) to see if it is indeed bad.  
Either way you gotta pull the antenna off or tilt it so you can get to the feed 
point, a big pain I know.


On Feb 16, 2012, at 16:14 , wrote:

> I have a Cushcraft ASL2010, 8 element Log up at 80  feet.  All of  a 
the SWR went up well over 5:1 on all 5  bands the antenna covers (20-10

   What you need do is start at the antenna and  work your way back. 
Measure the SWR at the feedpoint and then go back thru the  balun, feedline, 
switches, etc. Something'll pop out.

   It's been my experience that most SWR problems are  feedline related.

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