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Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2012 23:43:00 -0200
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Good for you Bill,

But the company never told the customers about it. I think they have files
for all the customers. I had this antenna for 5 yrs now and know some
friends that have this antenna and I don´t know they were told about this

I know several companies that when they detected a failure, they advice in
the news or contact the customers to give a solution, not the case of M2.

So not hats off from this side.

See you in the ARRL DX CW

CW5W Multi Single


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Interesting story about this beam.
I posted a few weeks ago about the M2 20 meter Yagi and was  looking for 
anyone with experience with the beam.
After hauling the beam up and down the side of a test tower I felt  
something wasn't right with the antenna.  Usually a 20 meter antenna up
around 25 
feet or so will have its SWR dip lower in frequency than when it is  mounted

at its final height.  This one dipped higher in the band, around  14250.  I 
finally called M2 and to my surprise Mike told me that for almost  10 years 
the dimensions in the instruction manual have been wrong...only for the  
full band setting.  Apparently, no one had ever had this problem or had
notified them about it.
For those of you who have this beam and want to use the "full band"  
setting, add four inches to the driven element on both sides.  I did it and
SWR is where it should be at a low height.  The dimension change
is from Mike.  You may not have enough length on that 1/2 inch  tubing to 
do it.
Mike was quick to get back to me and was kind enough to send the  new 1/2 
inch tips second day time for the big tower/antenna party next
 Hats off to M2 for great service.

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