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Re: [TowerTalk] US Towers Raising Fixture Model # Question

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] US Towers Raising Fixture Model # Question
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Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2012 20:05:55 -0500
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Years ago they made two models.  The TRZ-80 and TRX-80.  I got the TRX-80 
for 72 foot and lesser towers.  I assume the TRX-80HD is for 72 foot and 
below towers and the TRX100HD is for the 89 foot and taller towers.

The one I have I have used with mine in 4 locations and I helped raise a 
newer 72  footer 5 years ago.  The main parts to consider are the winch (the 
original fell apart 5 years after I bought it).  I now use the K-1550 and 
replaced the cable with some 3/8".  Make sure the cable is long enough to 
lay the tower all the way down leaving several turns on the winch.

Hope this helps.

73 Dave K4JRB

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Subject: [TowerTalk] US Towers Raising Fixture Model # Question

> Several years ago, I purchased some used tower equipment. One of the items 
> in the purchase was a brand-new (still in the shipping packaging 
> materials) US Towers "Raising Fixture". This is the accessory unit that 
> mounts on the tower's "T" base, on top of the concrete foundation, that 
> lets you lower the crankup tower to an almost horizontal position. Then 
> you can do any servicing to the antenna and tower near the ground. US 
> Towers lists several different models of Raising Fixtures for their 
> crankup towers in their latest catalog.
> I'm trying to determine what the model number of this raising fixture is. 
> Even though it's still unused, I don't see any model number tags on it 
> anywhere, after taking it out of the packing materials. It's in two 
> separate packages that were originally shipped via UPS Ground to the 
> recipient (now an SK), who ordered it but never put it to use. The 
> heavier/larger of the two packages contain the heavy vertical post that 
> goes to the bottom single bolt of the "T" base, and it has the winch, 
> cable, and pulleys. The second package has the big rods that extend to the 
> two bolts in the "T" base, where the tower will actually tilt over. The 
> combined weight of the two packages (including a few pounds for packaging 
> materials) is 188 lbs.
> I don't see anything similar in current US Towers' catalogs, that 
> correspond to a weight of 188 lbs. I see a model TRX-80HD weighing 155 
> lbs., and a TRX-100HD weighing 220 lbs. I believe I've even seen one more 
> listed thats a much heavier, larger one yet, on some of the dealers' web 
> pages. I'd like to find out which one I have, to find out if I need to 
> order a different one that would be the correct one for one of several 
> towers that I'm considering installing. I'm currently in the building 
> permit planning and concrete base contractor bid process.
> If anyone has any idea what model number this unit is, please let me know. 
> Perhaps this is a discontinued model -it was shipped from US Towers when 
> they were in Visalia, CA (they're now in Woodlake). I don't see any date 
> on any of the shipping tags to get an idea of its age.
> Larry
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