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Subject: [TowerTalk] Mounting G800DXA
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Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 05:06:20 -0500
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Yes, the GC-038 is what you want.  I used this with a G1000DX at my
California QTH with a Force 12 C3SS atop a Rohn 50ft push up mast in the
windy hills of the Bay Area.  Like you I had a very short (18"?) stub
mast in the rotor with the boom just an inch or two above the mast clamp
to minimize the overturn moment on the rotator.  Stayed up trouble free
for 7 years - only came down for shipping to UK ;-)

Top tip: take great care when you snug down the bolts on the GC-038 and
the mast clamp.  Do this methodically and evenly and you'll have no
trouble.  Those who skip this step have had issues with fracture of
either the GC-038 or the mast clamp.  In the words of the master: do
what the manufacturer says.




Jim Miller jim at
Mon Feb 27 14:44:07 PST 2012 

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I've decided I should get a better rotor and am considering the G800DXA.
mounting situation requires the bottom of the G800 be adapted for
atop a short mast. Does the GC-038 serve this purpose? I couldn't find a
instruction page on it anywhere.
The mast from the G800 to the hexbeam spreader plate will be very short
i.e. less than a foot.
Jim ab3cv



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