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[TowerTalk] hy-gain th6 trap rebuild

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Subject: [TowerTalk] hy-gain th6 trap rebuild
From: chris casey <>
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2012 11:15:24 -0500
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After getting out tower down and getting a look at it, several traps
were missing their internal spacers. They had disintegrated and fallen
out after the black caps did the same, the can then shorted across the
coil. Both the 10M driven traps had done this, and this helps explain
why the tuner in the rig would not be happy with 10M.

So being cheap, I brought the 10M coils home and cut up an old cutting
board and made some new spacers. This seems to be fine business
mechanically. I did the whole put it in the microwave and see if it
gets hot to see if rf cares about it, it came out cold. Its HDPE.

I need to make many more of these, another one exploded its spacers
when I pulled the trap apart this morning and several more look worse
for the ware after being exposed after losing their caps.  But before
I do so, I wondered if anyone saw any fatal flaw in this plan?

The spacers aren't identified anywhere in the antenna documentation,
only whole trap assemblies. I haven't asked hy-gain about them yet but
I will. Wonder if what I made wouldn't be a bit more sturdy.




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