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[TowerTalk] HAM IV Slippage

Subject: [TowerTalk] HAM IV Slippage
From: Ken Eigsti <>
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2012 13:28:04 -0600
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RE: Mast slippage

Here is what has worked for me regarding slippage of the mast in the rotor
(mainly with HAM IV an T2W) but I am sure it would work with others.

I learned of this trick from W0BV. (Need to give credit where it is due)

Go to you local tire shop and get an old inner tube. Cut a piece that will
fit in the area between the rotor clamp and the mast.  When you tighten the
clamps it is almost impossible for the mast to turn. It is simple and yet
does not have the effect of what "pinning" does. I imagine with a strong
enough wind it would still "release" and turn, but so far it has solved my
problem. It also seems to act as somewhat of a cushion for vibration and I
have not had nuts loosen on the U bolts.


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