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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] 80 meter antenna
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Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2012 12:05:29 -0700
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Thanks for all the suggestions.  Some really good food for thought.

One thing I forgot to include in the original message is the antenna, I 
think, is really a lot higher than it seems.

The tree is right on the edge of about a 400 foot hill that slopes off right 
from the base of the tree to all the good directions - North to Southeast. 
I remember once I was talking to Dale, K6UA about my antenna, and he was 
telling me my antenna actually thought it was about 200 feet high.

I have tried vertical antennas here with extensive ground radial systems, 
and it seems as though there never was a time that the vertical was louder 
than the inverted V, even back on the east coast.

I think I may try the vertical dipole with loaded top and bottom.  Thanks 
for all the suggestions.

>Hi All

>Right now I have an 80 meter inverted 'V' up about 80 feet or so in a tree. 
>It seems to work OK.  The problem is, the way it is set up, the 2 ends of 
>the antenna are only about 30 feet apart, kind of like a V-beam.

>Is there a way to orient it different that would work better.

>I could set it up as an inverted 'L' and feed it in the center, or as a 
>'C', with the center part vertical and the ends horizontal.  Would any of 
>these be better than what I have now.

>Main interests on 80 meters are contesting and working DX.

>No modeling software here.  Thanks and 73
>Tom W7WHY


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