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[TowerTalk] Theory and Experiment

To: David Gilbert <>, Towertalk <>
Subject: [TowerTalk] Theory and Experiment
From: Tod Olson <>
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2012 07:52:29 -0600
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Dave is quite correct in what he wrote. There are poor theories and poor
experiments and lots of folks who are confused by both.

My comments were intended to follow on after the email by Jim, VE7RF,
which stated he had used a Fluke IR gun to measure temperature rise. I
felt that an actual measurement using commercial equipment by someone who
knows how to use the equipment probably did not meet the test of
'anecdotal observation" and could safely be called an 'experiment'.

Personally, I applaud everyone who thinks about what is being said and
when uncomfortable or uncertain about things will take their time to try
to validate what has been asserted. If the experiment validates the
assertion - great. If it does not, then maybe the experiment was not good
enough or the assertion is incomplete as made. Either way we move foreword
in understanding things.

We need both sides of this intellectual equation →- the folks who will
make the assertions and the folks who will test them. Being wrong on
either side is not a disgrace. Not being ready to consider that you might
be wrong probably is.

Steve, G3TXQ, and Jim, K9YR, have a lot of experimental background with
respect to this balun topic and I enjoy their 'gentle' debate.

Tod, K0TO

>Nothing "trumps" theory properly applied, and I would venture that there
>are at least as many cases of anecdotal observations (i.e.,
>"experiments") being misunderstood and broadcast as fact (i.e.,
>"shared") as there are poor theoretical analyses for any given topic ...
>particularly so for antennas and feed systems.
>Dave   AB7E
>On 4/19/2012 11:02 AM, Tod Olson wrote:
>> Once again, experiment trumps theory!
>> There is a lot of room in the ham world for polite skeptics who take the
>> time to run experiments, make measurements and then share the results.
>> Tod, K0TO
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