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[TowerTalk] TRI-EX HZN 471 - Tubular Tripod Support

Subject: [TowerTalk] TRI-EX HZN 471 - Tubular Tripod Support
From: Bruce Ward <>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2012 20:23:01 -0500
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I am erecting a Tri-EX HZN 471 next week.

This tower is more than 35 years old but in good condition and recently 
taken down by a relocating ham.

The original configuration of the tower has three 1 inch round tubes 
with turn buckle sections acting as guys.  These three "guy tubes" 
attach to the tower approximately 20 feet up and to concrete pads 
approximately 8.5 feet out from the center of the tower.

In my opinion the "guy tubes" are not stiff enough to provide resistance 
to pushing and must be limited to the same pull resistance that is 
provided by guy wires.  It seems to me that the tubes would be easier to 
damage than guy wires.

Can anyone shed light on why the manufacturer might have chosen to use 
tubes rather than guy wires?

Due to a change in mounting I will have to shorten the "guy tubes" to 
reuse them.  The process of shortening the tubes will create new or 
different potential points of failure.  The angles of the guys and 
attachment points to the tower will remain as the manufacturer specified 
however the ground attachment points for the guys will be elevated.  Due 
to this I am considering replacing the "guy tubes" with guy wires of 
suitable strength.  Perhaps 1/2 galvanized cable with oversize turnbuckles.

This is a 70 foot tower with a 20 foot boom pole.  I understand it was 
rated for 37 square feet of wind loading.

I read somewhere that guy wires can affect transmission when the entire 
tower is used as an antenna.  Perhaps the "guy tubes" were used to avoid 
transmission issues?

Thanks for your advice.

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