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Re: [TowerTalk] Help for a New Tower

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Help for a New Tower
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2012 13:43:12 -0400 (EDT)
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>  There is no problem with the zoning department.  The  building permit
department told me I must meet Section 1609.1.1 (4.) of the  2006
International Building Code.  The structure must meet TIA/EIA-222  for a
3-second gust of 130 MPH.  (I am only 8 miles from the Atlantic in  South
Carolina, so the area is rated for 100 MPH.)
    This is where your PE will come in. Of course  you have to be looking 
at a tower that'll take your proposed tower and antennas  and windspeed into 

>  To comply with the neighborhood CCNR the tower must be  ?attached? to our
2-story house. 
    Easy. Just attach "something" to the house and to  the tower. A client 
of mine used a piece of plumbing tape (the galvanized flat  stuff with holes 
in it) with one end hose-clamped to the tower leg and the other  end nailed 
to a roof truss. Hey - it's attached!
>   If I combine the high wind speed with the  attachment
requirement, I am initially led to the Rohn 55G Bracketed  tower.  However,
I cannot find specifications from Rohn that meet the  130 MPH requirement.
The specs for the 55G only go up to a 3-second gust of  105 MPH.

Big problem. In order to get a PE stamp  for something like that, they'll 
need to do a big analysis of what's in that  wall and it'll probably need 
reinforcing. A fellow TowerTalkian, Tony.  K1KP wrote up a nice article in QST 
some years ago on this very topic. It took  LOTS of reinforcing to meet the 
building regs. Better to not use the house for a  structural member. 

>  Where do I go from here?  Do I need  to add guy wires to the upper
sections?  If so, where do I get the specs  for the guy wires? All
suggestions would be welcomed for this new comer to  towers.
    Even R55G will need guy wires. You need to make  your tower decision 
first - either with guy wires or free-standing. Many times  it's a spousal 
approval so you know what'll be acceptable and what won't. It'll  be easier and 
somewhat cheaper to go with a guyed tower for your load and  windspeed. 
Cheers and GL,
Steve     K7LXC
PS - And you're off to a good start since you have already read the best  
tower book available!

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