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Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2012 12:50:28 -0700
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I may have been that customer.

When I initially installed my crankup tower (in a notch in the roof), the
(relatively sympathetic) building inspector interpreted it as "attached"
since anything more than 6 feet away was defined as "not attached", so
anything closer must therefore be "attached". 

When I later received scrutiny from a new planning department official
responding to neighbor complaints based on visual impact, he informed me
that as it was not "attached", it did not meet the requirements of the
permit, so I should take the tower down.  I didn't argue that the feed lines
were an "attachment".

I went to the hardware store and found a flexible strap that you might use
to hold a water heater in place for earthquakes, and nailed one end to the
underside of the roof eave and I expanded one hole and attached it where the
tower raising fixture would normally go.

Three different Santa Clara county inspectors came out and stared for quite
a while at my "attachment".  The crankup tower base was embedded in a 4 x 4
x 8' chunk of reinforced concrete. They asked if the "attachment" had any
structural significance. I said no, it was there solely to meet their new
definition of "attached", which had changed since the building permit was
granted the year before.  They nodded sagely and checked off the "attached"
requirement as met.  We were all a little embarrassed.  I hope that they
figured out that I understood that they had to jump through the hoops to
respond to the  complaint.  I was trying to help them come easily to the
decision that was favorable to me.  I thought it wiser to "attach" the tower
to the house than to try to argue that the attachment was pointless.

I think if the tower were more than 6 feet away from the house I would have
had more difficulty with the "attached" definition.

Your county tax dollars at work...

Dick, K6KR

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>  To comply with the neighborhood CCNR the tower must be  ?attached? to 
> our 2-story house. 
    Easy. Just attach "something" to the house and to  the tower. A client
of mine used a piece of plumbing tape (the galvanized flat  stuff with holes
in it) with one end hose-clamped to the tower leg and the other  end nailed
to a roof truss. Hey - it's attached!


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