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[TowerTalk] spacing of verticals on a temporary mast

Subject: [TowerTalk] spacing of verticals on a temporary mast
From: "Patrick Johnson" <>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2012 16:40:42 -0400
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What is the rule of thumb or equation to determine the minimum spacing
between verticals on a temporary mast?  With Summer nearly upon us I will
be working bike races and other public service events.  I have a home brew
mast which extends to about 20 ft.  At the moment I've only run a 1/2 wave
2M vertical.  I would like to add a second vertical possibly another 1/2
wave 2M or a 1/4 wave vertical in the HF range.

Before I start building I want to make sure I start off with a long enough
cross piece to mount the verticals safely  and avoid interference and

Thanks for the suggestions & input,




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