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Date: Sat, 5 May 2012 22:29:46 -0000
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I would not skimp on the rotator.  Buying one too small is more costly and 
aggravating in the long run.  The initial pain in your check book from 
buying a better rotator will quickly diminish and you'll have a more 
reliable antenna system.

Subject:[TowerTalk] Prosistel PST-61 or PST-2051
From:"Bill Jackson" <>
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Date:Sat, 5 May 2012 08:16:18 -0500

It appears that my Hy-Gain T2X Tailtwister is not going to be large enough 
long term survival of my 4 element 20-6M Stepp-IR stacked with a 2 element 
Cushcraft 402-CD 12 ft above it.  After only 6 months of being in the air 
a relatively mild winter and only one day of 50 MPH winds a couple of weeks
ago, the T2X rotor is trashed.  Fortunately, I have a second T2X that I put 
place to keep me on the air until I can upgrade the rotor.  I am used to
swapping out and rebuilding rotors every couple of years, but every 6 months 
less is not acceptable.

I have settled on either the Prosistel PST-61 or the smaller PST-2051.  I am
sure the PST-61 will do the job very nicely, but I am suffering from sticker
shock and was wondering if the PST-2051 would do the job?  Comparing
specifications between the T2X and the PST-2051, it would appear the 
is slightly heavier than the T2X, but since manufacturer's specifications 
very subjective, is this really the case?  Would I have enough safety margin
with the PST-2051, considering the overall design of the rotor is completely
different than the T2X?

I am prepared to spend what is necessary to purchase a reliable rotor, but 
the same time I don't want to overspend either.  This is probably the 
antenna array I will ever put up at this location, so upgrading for future
expansion is not really a consideration

l would appreciate some real word experience, as it is often better than
relying on manufacturer's specifications.

Thanks and 73

de Bill, K9RZ 


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