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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Cable pulling
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Date: Mon, 7 May 2012 10:14:45 -0700
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I've also used a stiff wire or small rod to push through one length of 
conduit at a time.

I'll often put in two pull ropes right away, keeping a spare for future use.


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> On 5/6/2012 2:48 PM, David Aslin wrote:
>> Gerald's note prompts me to ask a related question:
>> What techniques are folks using for the first pull through a conduit?
>> Background: Like Gerald, I plan to have a 400ft+ run of 4 inch
>> corrugated irrigation tubing.  A 400ft fish tape would be hard to
>> find/expensive, but I need to get a pull rope through the conduit before
>> I can do the first cable pull (LDF5-50)  How?
>> 73
>> David G3WGN  WJ6O
> What I did was tie a weight to the end of a rope and then manipulate
> the tubing so that the weight fed itself by gravity (I lifted
> a section of the tubing behind the weight.)  After preinstalling the
> rope, then I buried the tubing.
> Rick N6RK
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