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[TowerTalk] Dream beam -36 parts

Subject: [TowerTalk] Dream beam -36 parts
Date: Wed, 9 May 2012 23:12:34 -0400 (EDT)
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Just updated my dream beam 36 with the new style ehu  and new elements  I 
have a complete set  fiberglass elements   2 each  39 ft  sweeps 1  each 49 
foot sweep  1-39 straight element  also  including mast to boom plates as 
well as the 49 mast plate poles about 4 years  old  90% paint  also have a set 
of boots with clamps 
Stepper sells new elements for 39.00 each   4 is needed with a  sweep  MY 
sweeps are as removed  trust rope  sweep    prefer pickup in Louisville KY 
might bring  Dayton.
Your getting all fiberglass tubes DB-36   mast plates    and the sweeps . 
Trust kit was installed so your getting  rope  also I  have all rubber 
couplers and bracket for  49 element and plate. These show  minor wear .
I would trade  for a TV- 7 tube tester  no  junk      $ 375.00  
Phil AI4DQ   contact me off list 

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