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[TowerTalk] Smith Chart Software

Subject: [TowerTalk] Smith Chart Software
From: Jim Brown <>
Date: Sun, 13 May 2012 08:03:20 -0700
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I just found this very nice Java application written by Ward, AE6TY.  He 
calls it SimSmith.  You'll need Java loaded on your computer to run it.

I've had some email conversations with the author, and he's been quite 
responsive to questions. There are two pieces of documentation on this 
page. I strongly suggest printing and studying them to understand the 
user interface.  SimSmith models loss in lines.

Ward says that he is continuing to work on SimSmith, and that an updated 
version with a new user interface is close to release.

I was able to import an antenna measurement I'd made at the shack end of 
a known length of feedline using my Ten Tec VNA as an S2P file, and 
transpose it with SimSmith to obtain the impedance at the antenna.  I 
can now use that transposed data to design a matching network.  I was 
also able to import SWR data from EZNEC (lastz.txt) and design a 
matching network for it.

73, Jim K9YC


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