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Re: [TowerTalk] Create RC5B3 Manual

To: "Tommy Taylor" <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Create RC5B3 Manual
From: ronald long <>
Date: Sat, 19 May 2012 16:01:57 -0400
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At 02:28 PM 5/19/2012, you wrote:

>I am in dire need of this manual. I have the RC5A3 manual, but the 
>B3 is quite different, mechanically and electrically.  Know where I 
>can download it or can you scan it for me.  I googled for it, but no 
>luck and not on BAMA.
>Thanks and 73,
>Tommy  W7RV

You did not mention your problem - motor or control box. I assume control box.
I will try to be helpful. My Create history.

I bought my RC5B-3 May 1989. July 1990 motor would not turn. 
Diagnosed problem as loose set screws. Fixed and it is still working FB.

On control boxes. My big yellow manual is labeled RC5 & RC5A. No 
mention of B even though my purchase was for B-3 and control box is 
labeled B-3.

I have Create sales brochure which shows the Preset addition for A-3 
and B-3 control boxes and larger motor. I think that the control box 
circuitry is same for A-3 and B-3 with B-3 system just having larger 
motor? That would mean Figure 6-3 of manual is for either A-3 or B-3 
control box?

I actually have two RC5B-3 control boxes. I have had two lightning 
damages. June 1990 and June 2004.

After the hit in June 1990 I successfully repaired the control box 
referring to the Figure 6-3 schematic. Just two transistors and an IC needed.

After more severe control box damage in June 2004 I bought parts for 
repair directly from Create in Japan including things like rocker 
switch and relays, but then decided to buy a new box instead. After 
email exchange with the factory I was put in touch with an importer 
in Anaheim, CA who imported the new box for me.

Motor was not damaged in either case. I still think about repairing 
the other box. hi! Maybe someone is interested?

ron w8gus


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