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[TowerTalk] Chokes and ground mounted verticals

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Chokes and ground mounted verticals
From: Jim Lux <>
Date: Sun, 27 May 2012 13:53:20 -0700
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I'm fooling with a new vertical installation.. (happens to be a trapped 
BTV6, but that's probably not relevant). Base of the vertical is about 
4' off the ground and I've got half a dozen radials strung along fence 
lines, ground, etc. essentially random lengths, but that's why...
there's an autotuner at the base.. as long as the impedance is 
moderately within range, it will tune.

Several of the ground radials run along the path of the coax back to the 

So, I'm planning on a choke on the coax at the tuner  (and where it goes 
into the nouse)..
And, I need a choke on the power to the tuner (and various other stuff 
at the base, eventually).

the burning question..

Can I run power and coax through the same stack of cores?  Or should I 
choke them separately.

Do I even need to choke the coax at the tuner.. who cares if the outside 
of the feedline acts as another radial.. maybe it will even work better. 
  It's not like I'm looking for a perfect match at the feedpoint (that's 
what the tuner is for).

I need to choke the power (because RF on the power will almost certainly 
confuse the processor in the tuner) (or maybe not.. maybe SGC designs 
them with enough filtering?)

Maybe I should just choke where it comes into the house?

(distance from antenna to house is about 25-30 feet..


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