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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] TowerTalk Digest, Vol 113, Issue 54 - Cell Tower Broadcast
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Date: Mon, 28 May 2012 16:12:34 -0400
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Re: - Cell Tower Broadcast

I would agree that the government doesn't really have a place in what 
you do with your own self. If you want to climb your tower naked, have 
at it. If you want to climb using appropriate gear, have at it.

I say:
I have climbed all my natural life and while I have gotten into some 
"interesting" situations, I have tempered what I did with what I knew wasn't 
Write all the regulations/laws you want. I may or may not obey them if I have 
something which needs to be done. I WILL get it done and I will still be alive 
to show the results of it.
WHY, you ask, while asking how I can not obey all those laws ?
I know what MY LIMITATIONs are and I will go home ALIVE at the end of the day 
I'm sure that those manyu who write laws/regulations have NEVER done what we 
have done. How can we believe in what they try to legislate ?  We DO it, they 
only look at bloody papers and hope they can make a difference.

Jim then wrote:
However, when it comes to employment, that's another story.

I say:
I say that those who do not value their life MIGHT not make it to the ground 
alive. Kids are bulletproof. I thought so too when I was a kid. Having 
grown/matured, I learned something - LIFE.  It's more valuable to me than it is 
to you.
Employed or being fired accomplish the same thing - STAYING ALIVE, being paid 
or NOT.  LIFE is valuable and ONLY  YOU  can attest to that.

Jim then says:  when something spectacular 
when something occurs, "something must be done"

Ominously, I say:
Let THEM do what they (think they) need to do.  I really don't care. They 
scribble on paper while I save my life every time I leave the ground and there 
isn't anything they can do about to help that, laws or no.

Jim goes on to say:  next tier down doesn't have the guts to tell AT&T, no, we 
cannot do the job that cheaply or fast.  

I say:
I'll do MY job and I will save MY life. If they don't like how I do that, they 
don't have to hire/pay me. I will go home alive, no matter what.

Jim then talks about: In the ag business, 

I say:
I hang tower, not pick fruits and veggies. But if I had to do that, I would 
(it's called pride. I'd swallow mine if I had to live).  But I would assure 
that I would go home alive too.

Jim also says this:
Somehow, I don't see a big unionization effort happening for tower climbers.  
The foolish kids doing it for $10/hr don't last ( they tire out or die)

I say:
THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Jim. Those who value their life while accepting pay in 
return, will put up or get out....  If you've ever been off the ground, you 
know what that means - "W.K.T."

white knuckle treatment

I climb up. I hold on. I climb down.

You then say:
the kind of tower worker one hires for commercial radio or your ham antenna is 
really a different category than the "let's put up 1000 cell sites in 100 days" 
kind of worker.

I say:
The professional tower worker puts up as many towers/poles as he can and still 
goes home ALIVE. My hat's off to him.  I follow their conversations/blogs every 
day and see and understand what they do and how they feel since I've done it 
too. They might grouse about lots of sh8 but they aren't any different than you 
or I. We all want to make it home ALIVE.
People have told me "you can't do THAT !"
Others have marvelled at HOW I DID that.

As my good friend, Harry Callahan said, "A man's got to know his limitations".

I learned and still know mine and don't apologize for ANY of, especially as I 
walk into my home door in the evenings, amateur or professional installation....


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