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Date: Mon, 28 May 2012 21:18:09 -0400
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Jim Brown
I think I previously had mentioned something about the PRIME quoting $100 an 
hour, then passing on to the SUB/Tier 1 a rate of $50 per hour, who passes on 
$25  per hour, who passes on ONLY $25 per hour for the actual work.
The main contractor and tier 1 Sub DO NOT DO any work. They only push paper and 
get paid political "confiscatory" amounts of PROFIT, while the WORKERS bust 
their butts. Some of them get killed too.
Do any of those upstream care ?
I doubt it.
It's those workers who have tokeep their hands on the tower to save their lives.

Oh, yeah. The govt doesn't care if any of them get killed. No kill, no 
paperwork. Govt worker goes home and has his dinner and beer.

Gene and Jim wrote
On 5/28/2012 4:38 PM, Gene Fuller wrote:
> I don't like having the gov't tell me what I can or cant do when I'm not
> endangering others.
Jim Lux got the point. You did not, and neither did several others.  The 
TV news program was NOT about individual liberty, nor was it about 
government over-reaching, nor was it about anything political. It was 
NOT about government regulations, it was NOT about you and me climbing 
our towers, or hiring someone to do it. It was NOT about broadcast tower 
work. It wasn't even about traditional 2-way tower work.
  It was about BIG companies screwing over little people who were out of 
work, down on their luck, so desperate that they will take really 
dangerous jobs for $10/hour. And it's about those big companies using 
various legal tricks to avoid their responsibility for those people they 
take advantage of DYING. And it was about the government NOT doing 
anything to protect them.                                         

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