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Date: Mon, 28 May 2012 23:03:22 -0400
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You're in the working arena and I have no doubt you know what you are doing. 
You've been in it for quite a few years. It's all common sense.
Can you point me to anyone in the governmental regulatory agencies who has the 
same tenure and experience as you ?
I kinda doubt it. From what I have heard over the years (I'm in my 60s and have 
seen "a few things") I do not know of any reg agency that specializes in what 
they regulate. Call it a "CF".
Certification is one thing but beyond that, to require certs about other certs 
is simply nebulous. (you have a cert and then you need to be certified that you 
have a cert. Then you need another cert,,,,)  Those agencies and regulators 
need to be KILLED.

Common sense had already legislated in many cases and THAT needed to be 
Case in point - Nuclear
How many "incidents" do you hear of in the NAVY nuclear ship environment ?
How many "incidents" do you hear of in COMMERCIAL nuclear environment ?

the military keeps a close rein on their nuclear environment to the point that 
they have no real problems. They build and inspect it so it works and LASTS a 
long time. 
What about - Three mile island, chernobyl, Japan,,,,     What about any of the 
crap on the kalifornica fault lines ?     Do you think the mil would have 
allowed ANY of these to be put into practice ?

You DO ?

Well, I DON't !

Govt certs are nothing but a power play so those ORGs can maintain their liife. 
They don't care about safety. They only care about their life and the payroll 
of their people.

How do I know this ?
I retired after almost 40 years in the govt seeing how they run their games and 
plan their payrolls. It's called JUSTIFICATION.

Unions are just as evil, if not more so.  Safety IS ONE THING but your 
organization is another thing more important than safety. And don't try to tell 
me otherwise.

Unions have outlived their usefulness and we all know it. Look at how the auto 
industry has come to the point of literally OWNING GM and CHRYSLER. Is it 
supposed to be that way ?

NO !

I have seen many (union controlled) production lines sitting idle after 5 or 6 
hours bcuz those union people have already met their (union 
negotiated/mandated) quotas. Think about that and explain to me why ALL that 
work has now gone to china/india/bangladesh/mexico etc.
Take your MILLION $ union reps and go play with yourself now that you are out 
of a job.  HELLO, mickey.   china loves YOUR american unions....

an hour's work for an hour's pay - haha

Hello, Mickey !



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