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[TowerTalk] FS: NEW Force12 MAG620/340N in KY

Subject: [TowerTalk] FS: NEW Force12 MAG620/340N in KY
From: Bill Cotter <>
Date: Tue, 29 May 2012 15:09:34 -0400
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I have for sale a new-in-crate, unused Force12 MAG620/340N antenna. 
This is MONSTER 6ele on 20M and 3ele on 40M on the same 47ft boom. 
It requires a tower such as Rohn-45/55, and a healthy rotor such as 
a prop pitch unit. The present-day cost for this antenna is nearly 
$4,750 plus $500 shipping from CA to KY.

Pictures and manual summary

I ordered (full-payment in advance) this from Tom N6BT five years 
ago in the spring and it took almost 24mo to get it to my door. 
Between the production efforts, material supply issues and other 
problems, and the continuous delays, I opted for other antennas. I 
ended up using a 4ele20M 36ft boom, and the CalAv Labs yagi.

I have this unassembled antenna kit (crate is 150" x 25" x 25" and 
400lbs) in my garage. The 47ft boom starts out 6" dia, tapers to 5" 
and finally tapers to 3". The mast plate (actually a cradle) is 
made from 18" x 18" x 1/2" aluminum, and all the elements are very 
heavy duty (N=100mph). The up-the-tower weight is stated to be 
250lbs, but may be slightly more.

My preference, for obvious reasons, is to sell it pickup-locally. I 
will also work with the freight hauler of your choice, providing 
they can get on to the truck.

$3,999 (save $1,251)

73 Bill N4LG

(859) 552-7481 cell
(859) 887-5563 home

Antenna         MAG 620/340
Boom Lngth      47'
Wind Load       18.5
Frequency in MHz 14.000-14.350
Net Gain @74'1  13.6dBd
F/B Ratio       23db
VSWR (max)      <1.4:1
Frequency in MHz 7.000-7.300
Net Gain @74'   5.1dbd
F/B Ratio       22db
VSWR (max)      270kHz (2:1)
Turning Radius  30.2'
Wt.             230lbs (N=255lbs)
Mast Torque     <1200in/lb

MAG620/340 - 6ele 20, 3ele 40, 2 band Yagi, 2 feed lines, 44' boom 

"Magnum 620 and the 3 element 340N: Several enterprising customers 
added the "N"series elements to their existing Magnum 620/340 
antenna, with excellent results. We took the hint and expanded the 
design to accommodate the larger "N"series 40 meter elements. The 
boom has been increased in diameter and extended out to 47', plus a 
drop-in cradle mount. "


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